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Young actress from Uttoxeter gets award at Cheadle showcase event

AN AWARD for drama has been presented to a young actor from Uttoxeter at a showcase event in Cheadle.
Students at the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy staged their end of year production at Cheadle Community Theatre at The Cheadle Academy on Monday 3rd July.
The performance was particularly poignant for the Cheadle and Uttoxeter pupils, who put on the show in honour of fellow drama student, 10-year-old Imogen Evans, who passed away late last year after a battle with cancer.
Imogen, from Uttoxeter, was a ‘shining star’ at the Academy and a special award was presented in her memory by her mother, Virginia.
Principal at the Staffordshire Academy, Iesher Mendez-Jhalli, said: “The children from the Uttoxeter class did an epic performance of the snake charmer.
“Imogen would of been so proud of all her classmates, especially her little sister Georgina Evans who had the courage,and excellent strength to be able to perform on the stage her amazing sister once did.
“It was so hard for all of us this term.
“Imogen’s family, her class friends and me. To do this production we wanted to honour her beautiful memory, ensuring that we all did her proud – and it goes without saying that we did.”
Iesher and Virginia chose the recipient of the first Imogen Award together and it was presented after the performance on Monday to Hubert Ceqlinski.
Also Hubert Ceqlinski, who went the extra mile this term to excel in his dedication, line learning, character status to also conduct and outstanding performance!
Iesher added: “Virginia helped me to chose  who would get the Imogen award this year, we thought about it long and hard, but Hubert was the most highlighted choice.
“He was a fab friend in drama lessons with Imogen working so positively in class with her, and he sure worked hard this term for it.
“Virginia also knew that Hubert will be able to bring his special award into St Joseph’s school assembly and explain all about it to the class mates / students that Imogen went to school with.
“Over all I am full of pride of the outstanding ending to this academic year theatre performances.
“I can not put into words how emotional we all were and how deeply we miss Imogen, but she will always remain in our hearts and will shine down on us every lesson.
“Every year we will continue to honour Imogen with the award.”
In honour of Imogen, 10 per cent of the proceeds from ticket sales at the performance were donated to the Donna Louise Hospice.

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