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Appeal as small team continue to care for rescue dogs

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Appeal as small team continue to care for rescue dogs

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A RESCUE centre for dogs in the Moorlands is appealing for support amid the current coronavirus situation. Due to the current Government lockdown restrictions, just three staff are working hard around the clock at the Luosko German Shepherd Dog Rescue in Cheadle to look after 40 dogs as no rehoming can take place, nor can any volunteers be allowed to help out at the centre. Rescue Coordinator and Senior K9 Technician at Luosko, Stuart Harvey, told the Times & Echo: “Unfortunately we have had to cancel all ‘in person’ events for the foreseeable future, which in turn means no income, no volunteers, no adoptions and no intake, unless extremely urgent ie police or RSPCA involvement.

“It is heart breaking to have to cancel events and turn away people that want to help, never mind having to tell people we cannot take a dog in.

“We are not funded, nor do we have a huge pot of cash stashed away like larger rescues so we will start to suffer sooner rather than later.

“For now we are pretty much stocked up on treats. However, dry food – most of which we normally buy in due to sensitive tummies – is in short supply.

“Wet food we have for now but depending on how long this goes on and how easy it is to get hold of will determine how much is in.”

Stuart stated that any help, within current Government restrictions guidelines, would be most apprenticed by the team at Luosko, which is situated at Haden House Farm in Delphouse Road, Cheadle.

He said: “At the moment with the lack of any external help we are struggling to keep to high standards and exercise everyone, so we have built a new outside run so we can let dogs run whilst we clean.

“We need to concentrate on getting more stimulating items in for the dogs like kongs, heavy duty toys that will last, larger chewy items like pigs ears so we can give them treats that last rather than small treats – basically things we can leave in kennels to keep them occupied.

“Thankfully we are ok for bedding. However as some of the dogs are chewers we need to get more large plastic beds or raised beds big enough for our german shepherd dogs.

“Apart from keeping food topped up and having more long lasting and stimulating toys, we need to look at raising funds even more than ever.

“I know everyone is suffering but for us literally every single £1 raised is worth its weight in gold right now as we still have vet visits and bills to pay that cannot be deferred.

“Only the other day we had to spend £150 on two dogs for antibiotics and tests.

“As we now have our charity status, we have started to apply for grants and schemes available to us but all this takes time and won’t help if payouts are not until the end of the year.

“However, we have joined forces with some smaller charity partners like: easyfundraising where once registered people can raise small donations each time they shop – there are over 4,000 retailers on the scheme and it doesn’t cost anything to the public apart from a single click before shopping.”

To help Luosko Dog Rescue in this way, go online to

Stuart has also teamed up with the Giving Lottery where the dog rescue receives a portion of their ticket sales and participants have a chance of winning a £25k jackpot.

For further details of this go online to

Stuart added: “We are in the middle of setting up our Amazon Smile account which hopefully will be available within a few weeks.

“Again all of these help under normal circumstances but the donations are pretty small and payouts are normally two to three times a year which doesn’t really help with the immediate impact of the current situation.

“I would love it if people could think of ideas to raise funds for us whilst at home, sponsored silence maybe, or even someone who can paint auctioning off a portrait of someone’s dog?

“I’m sure there are lots of things people could offer and at the same time give them something to do at home to kill the boredom.

“We have 40 lives on site to look after, the three of us are doing our best 24 hours a day to make their lives bearable under the circumstances and hopefully, in the not so distant future, we can be thankful we pulled through and celebrate our adoptions once again.

“The rescue world is a tough place to be in normally, not to mention very stressful at times, so now it’s absolutely unreal.

“In short we need to keep funds topped up in order to pull through, even if everyone on our facebook page simply donates just £1 a month and no more, it would be enough to see us through.

“We know that it’s a tough time for everyone and truth be told it’s going to get worse before it gets anywhere near better, but our thoughts go out to those families with people who have contracted the virus and even more to the ones who have lost loved ones.

“It’s a very sad time to be in and the only things we can do to survive is stay safe, think positively and pull together.”

For further information about Luosko German Shepherd Dog Rescue, go online to

PIC CAP: Pictured is pooch Groot who found their forever home prior to the coronavirus lockdown.

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