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Advent calendars help spread festive Fairtrade message

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17 NOV

Advent calendars help spread festive Fairtrade message

By timesecholife on in All News, Uttoxeter news

ADVENT calendars are being used to help schoolchildren learn about the Christmas Story and the benefits of Fairtrade.

Chair of the Uttoxeter Fairtrade Group, the Rev Charles Dale, is encouraging shoppers to help the poorest people in the world by choosing Fairtrade products this Christmas.

And, advent calendars filled with Fairtrade chocolate are being delivered by local churches to schoolchildren across the area to encourage families to consider Fairtrade gifts this year.

The Rev Dale said: “The Uttoxeter Fairtrade Group is encouraging people to use their Christmas shopping as a way of helping poor people in distant parts of the world. They will benefit when you buy Fairtrade Goods. You can shop local and buy fairly traded goods in the town’s shops and supermarkets. Each supermarket stocks a good range of Fairtrade items from sugar, chocolate, coffee, bananas, wines, and many more.

“So look out for the Fairtrade logo or simply ask in store for Fairtrade items. You’ll be doing your bit to help subsistence farmers and producers in the poorer parts of the world. Lots of people are now shopping online and the online Traidcraft store offers a range of Fairtrade goods and gifts as you search for Christmas presents for family and friends; just go online and search for You will be amazed by the range and quality of Fairtrade products available. And while you are online search for the Ethical Superstore and see what is available there!”

Churches across the Uttoxeter area are sharing the Fairtrade message with first school pupils in the town and surrounding villages.

The Rev Dale added: “These Real Advent Calendars are produced by the Meaningful Chocolate Company and use Fairtrade Chocolate. The calendars not only get the Christmas message of hope and love to lots of children and families, but also highlight support for Fairtrade. Our message is please use your Christmas shopping to help the world.”

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