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Accident black spot discussed at Cheadle Town Council meeting

A 30mph speed limit and chicane system are among measures to be considered at Freehay crossroad.
The accident black spot was discussed again at a meeting of Cheadle Town Council on Monday 3rd July after a crash at the crossroad last week.
Two cars collided on the cross road on Wednesday 28th June.
Cllr Richard Alcock has been a long-standing campaigner on road safety issues at Freehay.
He told the meeting: “I don’t know what the answer is. It’s bad driving. You could put a roundabout there and they would still go straight across it.
“They should change the sat-nav, but if people can’t see all the signs and the rumble strips in the road, then I don’t know what the answer is.”
Staffordshire County Council member, Cllr Mark Deaville told the meeting: “We are massively concerned about Freehay crossroad.
“Cllr Alcock is right, it’s down to bad driving. No disrespect to people who have been tragically killed in the area.
“I dread a serious accident there. There are more signs at Freehay crossroad than on junction 13 of the M6.
“I’ve been talking with Sgt Parker and I have requested a speed reduction to 30mph past the village hall, going to Freehay on the straight, so we can enforce that.
“These collisions are at 40 and 50mph.
“Education hasn’t worked, thousands of pounds worth of engineering hasn’t worked. We need to try enforcement.”
Cllr Deaville also requested the town council formally make a request for chicane engineering at the crossroad, following a suggestion by Cllr Peter Elkin.

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