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Council calls for roundabout

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Council calls for roundabout

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TRAFFIC controls on a main road adjacent to a major new housing development need a rethink according to Uttoxeter Town Council. Current planning permission granted for 429 homes on land at Hazelwalls includes highways provision for traffic lights in Stafford Road. However, temporary lights in a similar location for works on a separate housing site caused two-mile long queues.

Now Uttoxeter Town Council is calling for a roundabout to replace the planned traffic lights.

Cllr Philip Hudson addressed the issue at the council’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 11.

He said: “We are all aware of the Hazelwalls development and the town council gave due consideration to the traffic at the junction of the A518 and B5013.

“We opposed traffic lights and thought a roundabout would be better traffic control there.

“Staffordshire County Council looked into the matter and said traffic lights were ok at that junction, it was considered safe.

“At that time, nobody thought ‘is this the best decision?’

“Since Hazelwalls has been past and will be built in the near future, there have been two houses built adjacent to that junction at the back of The Plough.

“We objected to those houses and we now have two houses with a driveway that will come out where the traffic lights will be.

“Whilst they were doing work to those houses, they put temporary traffic lights there and they caused disruption to traffic flow for at least two miles. It took me 40 minutes one day to get from Derby Road to Blounts Drive.

“If those lights are there permanently it will cause big hold ups in the town and inconvenience residents of Uttoxeters and people passing through but particularly residents of Stafford Road, Blounts Drive and Westlands Road.

“I propose we ask Staffordshire County Council to reconsider and put a roundabout there. To put a roundabout where the sheepfold is – we may have to move the sheepfold.”

Cllr Hudson also raised concerns over motorists parking too close to the junction of Blounts Drive and Stafford Road, making it difficult for drivers to see.

“We ought to have all solid white lines up Stafford Road for traffic safety. Residents have to go over to the offside of the road to the junction and have to meet on-coming traffic.

“People overtake and if we had double solid white lines that would stop people overtaking.

“I’ve even witnessed people overtaking coming down Stafford Road round the bends.

“We nearly had an accident only a couple of weeks ago and had an accident causing injury in the weeks before that.

“To help residents we should also put a keep clear marking outside this junction so at least those residents can get in and out.

“I did think about suggesting we drop the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph, but as nobody enforces speed any more, there’s no point.”

Cllr Hudson’s proposals were supported and the town council agreed to write to Staffordshire County Council to ask for the traffic lights plan to be replaced with a roundabout and double solid white lines.

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