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Warning to parents after tot knocked over on pavement

Times Echo and Life / All News / Warning to parents after tot knocked over on pavement
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24 JAN

Warning to parents after tot knocked over on pavement

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A FOUR-year-old had to be taken to hospital after a car mounted the pavement outside a school and knocked him over. Henry Kent was walking with his grandad and older siblings when the incident happened in Royal Walk, Cheadle, on Monday. The youngster was taken to A&E where medics confirmed he was uninjured, although he was in a state of shock after the collision.

Henry’s dad, Mark Kent, has called for parents to consider using the free car park in Tape Street to avoid parking on the double yellow lines which are on both sides of the road in Royal Walk.
Mark works at a college and mum Jemma works at a hospital – both had to dash home to take their son to A&E.
He said: “Henry was walking on the pavement just a few yards ahead of his grandad as they went to take his older brother and sister to Bishop Rawle Primary School before Henry went on to nursery.
“As he turned into Royal Walk a car mounted the kerb, caught Henry and sent him tumbling over.
“His grandad scooped him up and rang us – it wasn’t the kind of call you want to receive as a parent.
“We took him to children’s A&E to get him checked out. They said he was in a state of shock, but there were no serious injuries fortunately.
“Our concern is the relentless use of cars up and down that road. You’d think children would be most at danger when crossing the road, but even when they’re on the pavement it’s not safe.
“I think there needs to be some awareness that there are children looking to safely go to their school.
“It’s just consideration, it’s not like we have a shortage of parking in the town centre and it’s free until 9.30am. Everyone has work to get to and busy days ahead, but it’s just five minutes to park on the car park and walk them to school.
“It’s not worth the risk. It’s not worth the risk of hitting a child for the sake of getting out of the house five minutes later.
“This was something that was ultimately avoidable. Drivers need to be aware that at school times there are children around and some of them are very young.
“Henry had a bit of a shock, but he’s had lots of cuddles too, so he’s feeling a bit better.”
School leader at Bishop Rawle Primary School, Kate Clowes, confirmed parents are reminded regularly to prioritise the safety of children by parking elsewhere.
She said: “We are aware that it’s difficult outside school and it can be an issue.
“We are constantly making parents aware and asking them to be careful outside school via newsletters and letters about what we are teaching the children in the school regarding road safety.
“PCSO Mark Bridgwood comes in to do projects with the children on road safety too.
“We are just thankful that the child is ok.
“The safety of our children is our number one priority, so it is in the curriculum and we do try to promote that.”

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  • People leave it till the last minute then pull up outside school thoughtless sadly this has been waiting to happen lets hope no more
    Written by Debbie Finney, January 27, 2019 - Reply
  • don't know which is worse down this road ...the cars or the dog mess getting dragged into lessons and nursery school on childrens feet .
    Written by tommy, January 27, 2019 - Reply


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