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Couple call for drugs crackdown

Times Echo and Life / All News / Couple call for drugs crackdown
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Couple call for drugs crackdown

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A COUPLE from Catchems Corner are backing police calls for help in tackling the monkey dust 'epidemic' sweeping north Staffordshire.

Susan Gulliver, 68, was home alone when a man believed to have taken the drug climbed onto the roof of her house.

In a two-hour stand-off with police, the man trashed chimney pots, threw tiles and dropped bricks down the chimney at their Caverswall Lane home.

Now – four weeks later – Susan and husband Trevor, 66, are still dealing with the fallout.

“Something needs doing,” said Susan. “It just had a massive impact on our life.

“He picked us at random. He jumped on the wall and onto next door’s flat roof then up onto our roof. We don’t know him, he’s not from round here. It could just happen to anyone.

“When it happens to you, you just realise how random it can be.

“I feel sorry for the police because there’s nothing they can do and for the people working in A&E who have to deal with the likes of him.”

Police have warned a public health crisis could be imminent if a collaborative approach isn’t put into action quickly.

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