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Park hit by £5k wrecking spree

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19 JUL

Park hit by £5k wrecking spree

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VILLAGE leaders are having to fork out over £5,000 to replace a CCTV system after a spate of anti-social behaviour has led to a police investigation.

A number of attacks on Forsbrook Village Hall Recreation Ground has sparked concern from both residents and the parish council in recent weeks.

At a meeting on Monday night, where the issue of the recreation ground and recent anti-social behaviour was made an agenda item, the council also discussed damage made to the CCTV system installed at the rec.

Chairman of Forsbrook Parish Council, Peter Jones said: “The damage to the recreation ground and play area has been a problem for a few weeks now.

“It started with the young ones burning their school books a few weeks ago, which led to our clerk taking the burnt remains the school, which has led to the culprits being identified by the writing.

“But now it’s got to the point where the CCTV system has been ripped down and needs replacing.”

Youngsters have been targeting the recreation ground during the last several weeks, with an increase in litter, deliberate fires and now damage to property prompting the council to call for action.

Clerk to the parish council, Dawn Plant said: “I’ve spoken with the engineers and they have said that whoever ripped the CCTV out had somehow broke into the pole, which is a job in itself apparently.

“They’ve then ripped out the 240 volt cable, which is putting their own lives in danger, and then left the live wires dangling into the children’s play area.

“The camera has been completely ripped off, the system box in the changing rooms melted and therefore been destroyed, so all in all the damage amounts to around £5,500.

“The police have recovered footage and the box has gone off for investigation, which means the whole thing is now an ongoing police matter.

“Either way, it’s criminal damage and we somehow need to find the funds or sort a refund for the damages caused.”

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