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Are conner remember when way were last two none up in an Ashes series with thray ter play cost they? Ar no it dunner appen very offen so ar think thee must er put sommat in the waiter this yer cause Chris Froomes won the Tour de France anno ar anner knockin it but thees summat strange goin on wi ar sport it anner usual an it? Ar’ve erd Peter Locket as used ter teach in the town took is car inter the garage fert ava bitta work dun on it so the garage give im a courtesy car what just appened ter be a cabriolet just rate yerd think if yer landed that cose the eavens opened on Tuesday didner thee ar dunner spose ayll get the roof darn onit nar never marnd Pete better luck next tarm.


Say yer,


Family tackle three peaks for baby Eva


Shoplifters' trolley dash bid rumbled

A LOCAL green grocer raised the alarm after a criminal duo attempted to make off with £375 worth of groceries from a neighbouring shop.

Quick-thinking Shaun Reddy, who co-owns Fresh Produce Green Grocers off Tape Street car park in Cheadle, raised the alarm after spotting a couple behaving suspiciously as they left Iceland. Shaun and Iceland manager Arun Mohindra thwarted the would-be thieves.


Contractors exhume culled foot and mouth carcases

CONTRACTORS have begun exhuming the carcases of diseased animals which were culled and buried near to Rocester village during the 1967 foot and mouth disease pandemic.

The large scale measure is being taken in a bid to prepare the site for a proposed new school, to be located just to the south of the village boundary, which will see the existing Dove First School and Ryecroft Middle School share premises.


A BABY girl who had to have her leg amputated below the knee has prompted a fund-raising drive for the charity which has supported her family. Eva Tunnicliffe, who was one year old this week, has fibula hemimelia, which means her leg did not form properly in the womb. Now her dad, Richard, is leading 12 friends and family members on the National Three Peaks Challenge to raise funds for Steps, a charity which offers advice and support to families of children with lower limb conditions.


Ers gone wam anner er thee said er were on the way but yer never no whether beleeve em er not dust?

Ar reckon as best place ter bays in that car wash get yersen osed darn that ud cool yer darn!

Ar say as even the lads on the bench ad ter ave an umbrella up ter keep em cool, speakin er which arn say John Kent an got issen a new seat ays fund issen a perch aytsard Central Garage are reckon it must cath thee mornin sun theer.

Ar reckon way'll ow bay gettin the barby ayt if it keeps this up thees nowt betta is thee?

Cose yer gotta ave a good chef and a large enough fridge!


AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into the discovery of a woman's body at her home in Meir on Sunday.

A 34-year-old man was arrested and bailed as officers from Staffordshire Police launched a "complex and detailed investigation into the death."

The woman was identified as Linda Norcup (pictured), who was just 46.

Police announced on Wednesday that a 34-year-old man had been further arrested on suspicion of murder.

Probe into death of Meir woman

Tean Road mememorial recreation ground gates Eva Tunnicliffe DSC_8865 Linda Norcup DSC_8868