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THE heartbroken parents of baby Rubie Fisher, who was six weeks old when meningitis took her life last year, are holding their second 17-mile sponsored walk and cycle in her memory.

It will take place along the Manifold Way through the lovely Staffordshire Moorlands on Saturday 24th September. Rubie’s parents, Kerry and Russ Fisher from Uttoxeter, hope the walk will raise awareness of the disease and funds for the lifesaving and life-changing work of charity Meningitis Now, who have been supporting the family. For more information contact Russ on Tel. 07903 321104 or email RubieJane6@hotmail.com.

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AS part of this year’s national Heritage Open Days Festival, the Cheadle Discovery Centre (located in Lulworth House on the High Street) will be hosting a display featuring items from the Blythe Colours Archive.

As well as artefacts from the collection, there will be two large displays going on show next month, prepared by the Discovery Group and former Blythe Colours employees. The Discovery Centre will be open from 10am until 4pm on Friday 9th September, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th. For more details on the Discovery Centre and upcoming events visit their website www.discovercheadle.co.uk.




STEP-DOWN care at Cheadle Hospital is due to close on Friday 30th September, sparking protests at the site.

Save Our Beds (SOB) is a campaign group launched to fight the closures.

The group organised a protest rally at the hospital as representatives from North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were set to meet with staff at Cheadle Hospital  to discuss their fate.

Staff at the CCG are working towards the closure of 48 beds at the community hospital by the end of the month.


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CHEADLE’S deputy Mayor, Cllr Julie Bull, is to meet with representatives from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service to discuss concerns over the availability of the town’s retained fire crew.

Julie raise concerns about the level of cover provided at Cheadle Fire Station in July after a series of incidents in the town were attended by appliances from nearby stations rather than by Cheadle’s own firefighters.

A fire service spokesman previously stated the station had 18 firefighters providing 84 hours a week cover - something which Julie disputes.


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