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Are conner remember when way were last two none up in an Ashes series with thray ter play cost they? Ar no it dunner appen very offen so ar think thee must er put sommat in the waiter this yer cause Chris Froomes won the Tour de France anno ar anner knockin it but thees summat strange goin on wi ar sport it anner usual an it? Ar’ve erd Peter Locket as used ter teach in the town took is car inter the garage fert ava bitta work dun on it so the garage give im a courtesy car what just appened ter be a cabriolet just rate yerd think if yer landed that cose the eavens opened on Tuesday didner thee ar dunner spose ayll get the roof darn onit nar never marnd Pete better luck next tarm.


Say yer,


Missing man found dead


Street brawl vandal leaves £1,000 repair bill

A LATE night fight has resulted in a £1,000 repair bill for a town centre business.

Police are investigating the incident and are examining CCTV footage in a bid to identify a man who is thought to have smashed a shop window by throwing a bottle at it. The window, at specialist clothing store Something Special, was smashed between 5.30pm on Friday 2nd October and 9am on Saturday 3rd October. Anyone with information can call police on 101


Have-a-go heroes help Tesco staff

TESCO has thanked have-a-go heroes who helped restrain a man who became abusive and violent in its Blythe Bridge store.

Staffordshire Police arrested and charged 23-year-old Ricky Breward of Jasmine Close, Blythe Bridge, with theft and assault. Breward is alleged to have stolen two bottles of wine from Tesco Express in Uttoxeter Road on Friday 2nd October, before returning and becoming violent. Customers in the store restrained him until police arrived.


A BLYTHE Bridge man has been found dead in Draycott.

Police launched an appeal and officers, with help from the Air Support Unit and members of the public conducted a physical search after Michael Heath, 32, went missing on Sunday. Police confirmed Michael had been found at 12.10pm on Wednesday 7th October. His death is not being treated as suspicious and a report is being made for HM Coroner. His family have been informed.


Ar dunner think as the as the owd flowers in the tarn, the nbaskets an the lark an looked bad this year an they?

Ar say it most years but ar reckon theyre a credit ter the tarn Cheadle in Bloom team needs a pat on the back again dunner thay?

Way just need a bit on a spruce up ere an theer an way’ll be able ter live up ter bein the best place ter live in Staffordshire ar reckon when thee voted this tarm someone let the cat ayter the bag an tode the world, cause wayn known abayt it fer years anner way?

ANIMAL rights protestors descended on a visiting circus at the weekend to campaign against the animals leading what they say are 'unnatural lives.'

Animal Defenders International (ADI) urged residents to boycott Peter Jolly's Circus when it came to Uttoxeter last week and two demonstrations were held outside the circus on Saturday 3rd October. Claims of animal cruelty were dismissed by a spokesman for the circus, who said: "There were only three protestors and plenty of visitors."

Protestors picket animal circus

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