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A PLAN which will shape the future of Uttoxeter has been put out to the public as part of a six-week consultation.

East Staffordshire Borough Council is asking residents, community groups and businesses in Uttoxeter for their thoughts on the draft Uttoxeter Neighbourhood Plan.

Uttoxeter Town Council submitted their plan to the borough council in August and it is now and it is now out for a six week consultation before its independently examined.




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OLYMPIC hero, Adam Peaty, has returned from his Rio adventure bringing gold and silver medals back to his home town of Uttoxeter. And the former Painsley pupil travelled in style on the BA2016 flight ‘victoRIOus’ chartered especially for Team GB’s return from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Adam and his parents will take part in an open-top bus tour through Uttoxeter on Saturday 1st October as part of celebrations marking his return. Uttoxeter Mayor, Alan Noyes will also present a ‘Book of Pride’ to the swimming star, which townsfolk can sign in the foyer of the town hall until 5pm on Wednesday 14th September.




STEP-DOWN care at Cheadle Hospital is to be closed, with beds for people recovering from operations, illnesses and accidents only available at Leek Moorlands Hospital or Bradwell Hospital in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

MP Bill Cash has slammed the move and taken up the matter with the Secretary of State while deputy Mayor for Cheadle, Cllr Julie Bull, said the town was "devastated and bewildered" by the move. Marcus Warnes of the North Staffs CCG said: "There are no plans in place to close Cheadle Hospital. But patients tell us they want to be treated at home wherever possible and certainly they tend to have better health outcomes where that takes place.


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Never marnd young Laura least theyn give yer a free valet even if yer didner need it.

FORMER Hollyoaks beauty, local actress Rachel Shenton has certainly not let stardom go to her head as she revealed to the Times and echo her plans to make a film right here in the Moorlands.

Along with her partner, director Chris Overton, the pair are embarking on exciting and moving project in which the couple hope to recruit a local cast and crew to create the film, which will be based on the life of a deaf child, raising awareness over the issue, which is close to the actress' heart.

The production team are looking for a local deaf child to play the main character, Libby, who is around five years old.


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