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Mystery search in quiet country lane

Are conner remember when way were last two none up in an Ashes series with thray ter play cost they? Ar no it dunner appen very offen so ar think thee must er put sommat in the waiter this yer cause Chris Froomes won the Tour de France anno ar anner knockin it but thees summat strange goin on wi ar sport it anner usual an it? Ar’ve erd Peter Locket as used ter teach in the town took is car inter the garage fert ava bitta work dun on it so the garage give im a courtesy car what just appened ter be a cabriolet just rate yerd think if yer landed that cose the eavens opened on Tuesday didner thee ar dunner spose ayll get the roof darn onit nar never marnd Pete better luck next tarm.


Say yer,


Unanimous support for vote of no confidence




Councillor Julie Bull has been ejected from the local Conservative group and asked to renounce her chairmanship of the Moorlands following a meeting at the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council HQ in Leek on Wednesday. Colleagues of Mrs Bull unanimously supported a vote of no confidence in the longstanding council member.


Tean Road mememorial recreation ground gates thorley dr, cheadle

Police officers used sticks to search hedgerows and verges in a quiet country lane near Cheadle.  What prompted the hunt remains a mystery but we can report that teams of officers could be seen scouring the roadside in Draycott Cross Road on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.  We hope to bring you more on this in our next edition.

No sarns er an Indian Summer then? Ar were opin it mart be goin abit warmer agen it anner ter bad in the sun but its gettin a bit parky ayter it! Ar conner say as arm lookin forard ter winter ers gettin ter code the owder ar get ar con fale a touch er rumatics in me joints nar an ar conner say as ar lark it a reckon arl av ter go an spend winter in the Spanish sunshine.

An yer seen this clown craze as foke er doin up an darn the country ar conner say as they bother may ter much but ar reckon if theyn that way enclined the wudner hafe put thee wind up yer!

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A crane was used to pull a horse from a stream after it got stuck at a remote beauty spot.  Firs crews from Ipstones and Leek were called to Collyhole Brook near Ipstones on Tuesday after a 25-year-old horse got stuck in a stream.

We have lots of great ideas for keeping your little ones entertained during half term inside the paper this week, including competitions to a win family day out at Alton Towers and West Midlands Safari Park! What are you waiting for???

Win! Win! Win!

Horse stuck in country stream