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TWO suspected trafficking victims have been taken into care after police swooped in on a number of locations in Cheadle last week.

Three people were arrested in Cheadle as part of a crackdown on suspected modern slavery and immigration offences.

Officers, together with colleagues from Immigration Enforcement, visited a number of locations in the town last Thursday, 16th March.

A 24-year-old woman, from Cheadle, was arrested on suspicion of a modern day slavery offence and has been bailed, pending further inquiries, to a date in May.



Tean Road mememorial recreation ground gates thorley dr, cheadle

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Spring day wanner er on Tuesday yer wudner er thowt it wer gonna be as narce as it wer after ow that rain on Monday ar thowt wayd need a boat get abyte way had a bitter hale anow didner way ar reckon way just needed sum fog an sum thunda an wayd er ad ni on ow the weather yer con in a day.


ALONG-standing partnership between three secondary education providers will cease at the end of the 2017 summer term.

It has been confirmed that the Moorlands Sixth Form College in Attlee Road, Cheadle will dissolve at the end of August, marking an end to the existing collaboration between Painsley Catholic College, The Cheadle Academy and Moorside High School.

From September this year the current facility will be taken over by Painsley Catholic College and operate as the school’s own sixth form centre.

Meanwhile the Cheadle Academy in Station Road is to launch its own brand new centre for post-16 learning which is to be known as the Cheadle Sixth Form College.



FRIDAY 10th March saw the 30th East Staffordshire Sports Scholarship Awards take place, at the Hilton Hotel St Georges Park.

During the evening 52 elite performers across 19 different sports from within East Staffordshire were awarded with a Sports Scholarship for their outstanding achievements during 2016.

The evening also saw the Hilton Hotel Sports Person of the Year Awarded to Olympic Gold and Silver Medallist from Uttoxeter, Adam Peaty. Adam is the current world record holder over 100m Breaststroke and was the first male to win an Olympic Gold in the pool since 1988.




SUPER fit Ryan Procter is taking on a triple challenge to raise funds for Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

The 43 year old will be taking on a 1.5k swimathon and 25km bike ride and the Dougie Mac 5K one after another on Sunday 9th April.

Ryan has already raised £500 and hopes to raise more from the challenge, to thank the hospice for the care his mother, Brenda Procter received recently after she was diagnosed with a kidney tumour.

She sadly passed away on 22nd February, and Ryan has organised the event in her memory.


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