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Are conner remember when way were last two none up in an Ashes series with thray ter play cost they? Ar no it dunner appen very offen so ar think thee must er put sommat in the waiter this yer cause Chris Froomes won the Tour de France anno ar anner knockin it but thees summat strange goin on wi ar sport it anner usual an it? Ar’ve erd Peter Locket as used ter teach in the town took is car inter the garage fert ava bitta work dun on it so the garage give im a courtesy car what just appened ter be a cabriolet just rate yerd think if yer landed that cose the eavens opened on Tuesday didner thee ar dunner spose ayll get the roof darn onit nar never marnd Pete better luck next tarm.


Say yer,






A PART-TIME fire-fighter is to run the London Marathon in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

Simon Poole’s fundraising efforts for the charity are being supported by popular musicians, Breeze &Wilson, who will be performing at Uttoxeter Folk &Blues Club on Friday 10th March.

Proceeds from the event will boost Simon’s fundraising efforts for CRY - he is aiming to raise £1,900 for the charity.

Simon, 26, from Uttoxeter, is also in training for the London Marathon 2017, which will take place on Sunday 23rd April.


Tean Road mememorial recreation ground gates thorley dr, cheadle

Ar went a drive darn ter Owten thee other day theyn cleaned that owd farm er Reg Hammonds up anner thee? Ar noticed that owd barns come darn nar it macks ow the diffrence dunner it lucks lark summuns livin theer nar, ar think er used ter bay a pub yers ago ar anner sure but ar think iy wer cowd Speed the Plough which when yer think abaite weer it is anner a bad name fer it.

Ar dunner no whots appenin ter the market dust thy it sayms bay empty except fer abayt three stalls in the hole place a conner see how its gonna go on fer long lark that  it wunner pay anybody’s wages wull it?

Yer know what thee say dunner yer Use It er Loose it trubble is thays nowt ter use!


A SEX offender has been jailed for multiple offences including sexual activity with a teenage boy.

Matthew Anthony, from Lincoln Meadows in Stafford, but formerly of Ness Grove, Cheadle, was sentenced at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court on Thursday 17th February.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

The 32-year-old pleaded guilty in January to three counts of making indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of a child and eight counts of causing a male aged 13 or over to engage in sexual activity.

MOORLANDS policing commander Inspector Mark Thorley has assured Cheadle Town Council that in spite of the recent, temporary closure of the enquiry desk at Cheadle Police Station, the force will continue to operate from the facility in Chapel Street for the foreseeable future.

The police authority say a shortfall in staffing is to blame for the closure of the enquiry desk which, for a period of several months has been left unmanned with the front doors locked to members of the public.



A DEAL with nearly £9 million has boosted sales of JCB’s telescopic handlers as the firm begins the 40th year of producing the machine.

Nixon Hire is buying more than 160 market-leading Loadall telescopic handlers worth almost £9 million – in the year the company celebrates its 50th birthday.

Delivery of the new fleet - which spans the four metre reach 516-40 Loadall through to the 17 metre reach 540-170 model – will take place over the next few weeks. The machines have been bought through JCB dealer Scot JCB.



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