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Council forced to reveal details of scheme

Speculation over a potential development on the site of Tean Road Recreation Ground has forced Staffordshire County Council to reveal details of a major scheme in the pipeline for Cheadle. Officials say no decisions have been made on any potential sites as of yet.

Campaigning villagers turn out in force

Over 4200 signatures representing nearly 70% of the population of Werrington, have now been collected objecting to the possibility of new travellers' site on land at Salters Lane. A demonstration took place on Saturday when nearly 400 people campaigned to express their feelings.

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Protesters call for stop on housing

Cheadle Unite, an action group aiming to prevent over development in Cheadle, has written to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council urging a halt on planning applications until a review of the housing allocation for the town has been held.

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Village Post Office here to stay

To the relief of villagers and local businesses, a U-turn has been made over plans to close the High Street Post Office in Upper Tean. The service will continue indefinitely but will operate reduced hours from now on, opening on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only.


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