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Are conner remember when way were last two none up in an Ashes series with thray ter play cost they? Ar no it dunner appen very offen so ar think thee must er put sommat in the waiter this yer cause Chris Froomes won the Tour de France anno ar anner knockin it but thees summat strange goin on wi ar sport it anner usual an it? Ar’ve erd Peter Locket as used ter teach in the town took is car inter the garage fert ava bitta work dun on it so the garage give im a courtesy car what just appened ter be a cabriolet just rate yerd think if yer landed that cose the eavens opened on Tuesday didner thee ar dunner spose ayll get the roof darn onit nar never marnd Pete better luck next tarm.


Say yer,


Udderly 'ludicrous'


Joint effort to combat 'fatal four' in young drivers

Hard-hitting video footage and crash reconstructions are to be used as part of an awareness event for young drivers. Police, in partnership with Staffordshire Safer Roads, the local authority and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, are holding a free session for people  between 15 and 25 to highlight the dangers of driving at speed, without a seatbelt, while using a mobile phone or under the influence of drink or drugs. The event is Friday 27th November at Cheadle Fire Station from 7pm.


Smiler crash: Human error

Human error is thought to have caused a rollercoaster crash which changed the lives of four young people and dealt a hammer blow to the local economy.

Alton Towers rollercoaster, The Smiler, crashed on Tuesday 2nd June, leaving four young people with serious injuries - two of whom face spending the rest of their lives as amputees.

The Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) investigation into the crash is on-going, but the resort's internal investigation is now complete. The Smiler will re-open in 2016.


Two pints of milk have sparked an unexpected controversy.

Dairyman, Michael Wheat, of Wheat Brothers, has hit back at Cheadle Town Council after it cancelled a weekly order for two pints of milk in a bid to provide best value for the tax-payer. Michael, a third generation dairy farmer, said the council should support local businesses "on principle."


The were abit er constinashun abate Big Gord the other wick he wer ayt playn crib an avin a pint with Curly an Patto in the Talbot ony rode big Gord larks is pint er real ale so when ay suddenly disappeared wi ayt sayin tera an leavin half a pint the wer lookin under table an everyweer fer im ar still dunner no wot wer up did thee tack bad me owd mate or didst go off yer pint? Arn ad er email from me owd mate the waiter mon so ar thowt yerd lak ter say it! Ay up Sosh duk. Ar remember yer avin a rant abayt dog muck in bags left angin abayt er few months agoo. Well let may tell yer it anner werked. That bloody Poo Fairy still inner werkin very ard. Ar were avin a walk dayn th line at Owton tuther dey an the were two lemon yeller poo bags full er dog muck left in th middle er the path an that lazy Poo Fairy adner bothered ter pick em up. If that Poo Fairy conner bay bothered ter pick up after us maybe way might ave ter do it ersens. Wots th werld commin to wen yer conner rely onth Poo Fairy. Next thing yer no the bloody Tooth Fairy wunner bay bothered ter give ow th kids a shillin fer er tooth under th piller.


Say yer, yer owd mate, th waiter mon.  

Following on from his epic adventure last year, in which he walked the entire length of the River Nile, local explorer Major Levison Wood, has now completed his latest expedition - becoming the first person to walk across the roof of the world.  Lev, 33, originally from Forsbrook, began his perilous expedition to walk the Himalayas in Afghanistan before passing through Pakistan, India and Nepal. His trek culminated with a climb into the mountainous Kingdom of Bhutan.

Conquering the roof of the world

Tean Road mememorial recreation ground gates cow-391291_1920 smiler2 *walking the Himalayas police