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Times Echo and Life / Latest News / ROOFTOP STAND-OFF
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A ROOFTOP protest of 17 hours saw dozens of people prevented from returning to their homes and a main route through Meir blocked to traffic.
Riot police were deployed to support officers at the scene where ambulance crews and the fire and rescue service were also on stand-by.
A 31-year-old man was arrested on Monday, October 2 after the rooftop siege in Cornelious Street, Meir.
The man spent almost 17 hours on the rooftops of Cornelious Street and was seen dropping tiles onto the pavement and parked cars below.
The street was cordoned off and schoolchildren coming back at the end of the day were gathered at barriers, unable to return to their homes.
The main A520 was blocked from the roundabout junction with the A50, with roads near to Cornelious Street also closed for the duration of the siege.
Trained police negotiators were in contact with the man, who eventually came down peacefully just before 5pm on Monday.
He was taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up under police escort.
A force spokesman said: “The street was cordoned off during the stand-off and there is still a lot of debris in the road.
“Thankfully the incident came to a peaceful and safe conclusion.”

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