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Egg-ceptionally large lay for Moorlands chicken

Times Echo and Life / Featured News / Egg-ceptionally large lay for Moorlands chicken
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21 FEB

Egg-ceptionally large lay for Moorlands chicken

By timesecholife on in Featured News

A MOORLANDS chicken has laid three very large eggs – and her owner was in for another surprise when she cracked the eggs open. Nicola Randles owns a small holding in Kingsley and has eight chickens. She, and the students she has living on the small holding with her, were rather surprised to discover one of the hens, named Onyx, had laid a large egg – which was around five times the size of an average egg.

Nicola, aged 58, said: “Onyx had been quite poorly and I thought she might have been on her way out so I put her away from the other hens so that she could be alone.
“However, later when I went to check on her, I discovered she had laid a very large egg. And then later, over a number of days, she laid two more eggs of around about the same size.”
Nicola works in engineering, although not of the genetically engineering kind, but in machinery.
She said that she had heard of such large eggs being produced by chickens before, but never of one chicken laying three of the same large size. The largest which Onyx produced weighed in at 210 grams.
She said: “It is strange. Onxy, who is around five months old, is an average sized chicken herself.
“I’ve had chickens for 15 years now and never come across anything like this before.”
Nicola, when our photographer visited to take pictures of the three large eggs, decided to crack open all three eggs and found that all three had yolks as well as an average sized egg inside them.

Pictured is student Svenja Kunkke, who lives on Nicola’s small holding in Kingsley, with large-egg laying Onyx.

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