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Ballet dream comes true for Emily

Times Echo and Life / All News / Ballet dream comes true for Emily
5 months, 12 days ago2 Comments.

Ballet dream comes true for Emily

By timesecholife on in All News, Community News

A YOUNG dancer from Cheadle is to perform with the English Youth Ballet. Emily Laws, aged 10, is a student at Miss Kym's School of Dance in Uttoxeter and was chosen to join the professional company for three performances in March. Emily was one of 150 young dancers from across the Midlands to audition for a place in the production of Giselle which will be staged at the Regent Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent.

Emily, who is a pupil at Cheadle Primary School, said: “I started dancing when I was three and I think my mum signed me up for it because I was always bouncing around everywhere and I loved dancing to music.
“I’m feeling really excited but nervous as well because I’ve never done a professional show before.
“I’m just going to work really hard for it, do lots of practice and just do my best.
“This is a really big opportunity and I’m looking forward to having the training and the rehearsals so I’m able to do this. I really like the strictness of ballet and the way you always have to hold yourself and get everything precise.
“To anyone thinking of having ballet lessons I would say just do it, because it’s really good experience just to do it and it’s really nice to do something in your spare time. It’s a good way to make friends and it’s important to do that with dance because it helps you work better.
“I’ve told my friends at school about it and they are all really excited for me.”
English Youth Ballet (EYB) held a big audition for the ballet at the Regent Theatre in November. More than 150 young hopeful dancers turned up to the two auditions which were held on the stage.
Emily’s parents, Claire and Tim and sister Holly, are all excited for her up-coming performance in Giselle.
Claire said: “From when Emily was tiny she was asking for ballet lessons – by the time she was three we’d given in.
“It’s the whole world of dancing, acting, singing – she does musical theatre classes as well and she’s absolutely stuck with it for the last seven years – she is definitely so passionate about it.
“She’s been with Miss Kym since 2017 and loves her lessons there and she’s definitely come on a lot.
“Emily coped really well with the auditions for the English Youth Ballet, she took it all in her stride and we were very proud of her. She absolutely deserves it, she works so hard and this is going to be an incredible experience for her.
“She has been on stage at the Regent Theatre before, but not in a professional production. She’ll be in the chorus with other dancers who came to audition from as far away as Banbury and Lancashire.”
Rehearsals for the ballet are currently taking place at St Thomas More Catholic Academy in Stoke and Monica Tapiador is one of EYB’s principal dancers and has been coaching the young dancers in rehearsals. She said: “The young dancers are treated like professional dancers during rehearsals – we work them hard but the results are fantastic.
“They learn what the life of a professional dancer is like. They are living their dream and they just love it!”
English Youth Ballet’s Giselle is at the Regent Theatre on March 1 and 2, starring international principal dancers and all the soloist and corps de ballet roles in the production will be performed by 100 of the finest dancers (aged eight to 18).
Tickets can be purchased at the box office by telephoning 0844 871 7649 or online at:

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  • My daughter was chosen as well, although she’s 12, at the same audition. Sadly, as a disabled mum, there’s no way I can find the £500 in fees the EYB require me to pay in order for her to take part. There was no mention of this on the audition form. I consoled her by pointing out that all those dancers will be veiled, so no one will be able to tell who is who anyway.... We’ll keep going to the fantastic Staffordshire Youth Ballet until another opportunity arises and I’ve saved some money for the next time. :’( so annoying that even at this age, money buys you the best chances, not just talent.
    Written by Chrissie, February 11, 2019 - Reply
  • Sit Rosie Outside the town and country club. Early videos Glyn at nephilim pulling a face 🤣 My daughter was chosen as well, at the same audition. Sadly, there’s no way, as a disabled mum who can’t work, I can find the £500 in fees the EYB require me to pay in order for her to take part. :’( money buys you the best opportunities I guess. Thank goodness she gets such good instruction from Marye Humphreys and can attend Nicky Henshall’s Staffordshire Youth Ballet (not such a huge fee all in one go) where children are given the opportunity to learn with and from other professionals who’ve travelled the world performing. We need more chances for our children in this area, not less. I just wish children were chosen for ability alone and not penalised for their parents’ inadequacies....
    Written by Chrissie, February 11, 2019 - Reply


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